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The Romans loved to play games, unfortunately they sometimes took things a little too seriously. Loaded dice, loaded throws or even just the suspicion of cheating could lead to blows and sometimes death!


Fortunately around the 4th century AD, dice towers (pyrgus) begin to appear. Archaeologists seem to agree that they were invented in an attempt to curb cheating in game play. Evidence implies that these dice towers were once very common, however only three have ever been found; one in Qustul in Egypt, one in Vettweiss-Froitzheim in Germany and one in Richborough Roman Fort in Britain.


The Richborough Dice tower was made of wood and was covered in carved bone.


This dice tower is our interpretation of the one found at Richborough. It can be used to enhance any game that uses dice and some members of public at our events have simply enjoyed dropping the dice through it repeatedly, soothed by the pleasing noise the dice makes as it tumbles down the baffles.


Step into a Roman soldiers shoes with our British Roman pyrgus.


Assembly and PVA glue (not supplied) required.


Dice not included

Roman Dice Tower Kit

VAT Included

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