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Stone Age Experience Day

Journey back to the Neolithic, a time of exciting innovations that will start the escalation of humanities technological advancement.

Learn about what technology is and what tricks our ancestors had up their animal hide and nettle woven sleeves.

Experience stone age technology for yourself in interactive demonstrations as well as our fun and inclusive activities.

In this exciting day we will look at the way of life in the Neolithic and Palaeolithic ages and how this is connected to the way things are today.

Do you think that you would be able to survive in the stone-age? Let's find out!

Topics covered in the day include:

  • How archaeology can tell us about the past

  • Evolution of homo-sapiens

  • Stone Age Technology

  • Cave Painting

  • Hunting and Farming

  • Death in the Stone Age

Plus much more!

For further details on our Stone Age Experience Day, including pricing and availability call us now on 07540 860930, email us at or fill out our enquiry form.

Other Workshops

Find out about various toys throughout History. 

Every child makes their own wooden toy, based on examples from over the last 3,500 years.

Chemistry Students

Learn by doing with our hands-on Science Workshops

Carry out many experiments in the class room covering all areas of Science.


Discover the world of traditional dance. 

Learn where it came from and how it has evolved. Get the whole class up having a go. 

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