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Witches and Wizards

Nicodemus is an apothecary, meaning people come to him in search of remedy for all manner of ails!


It's his wife, Ursula,  that does most of the work though, and it is this work that will take your guests on a journey to the medieval world of the supernatural.


In the early days of science, all is not as it seems to be. Welcome to a time where science, medicine, religion and magic all blend in to one.


It may be a cure that you need, or possibly protection. Learn different skills and ways to apply magic, how to cure yourself, and how to protect yourself from sinister forces.


From the ingenius to the down right bonkers, you may think twice before you ask for a doctor!

The Shows

As well as visitor engagement and games, as part of our Medieval Event Days we provide several 30 minute shows throughout each day. Each show covers something different about social history, technology and innovation in the time of the Middle Ages and is designed to get the audience involved and feel like they are part of the story.

Some of the shows might include:

The Games


For many visitors it is the games that we provide that are the highlight. Our games are all Medieval games that transport players back in time. We fill our Games Arena with many different games, that are relevant to the period, that visitors can play at their leisure and return as much as they want.

Our Games Arena gives visitors something to enjoy from the moment the gates open to the end of the day. Some games are simple, others have more intricate rules, and this spread means that there is something for all.


If you are interested in booking History Adventures for your event or have something in particular that you would like to discus with us then please get in contact. 

We will be happy to help you.

If you would like to book or find out more about our events options you can inquire by calling us on 07540 860930 or by emailing

Alternatively fill out the enquiry form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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